Master of Science in Information Systems

MSIS Admissions Standards

Admission requirements in addition to those of the Graduate School and College of Business:

  • Undergraduate degree in CIS or MIS or
  • Undergraduate degree in business, plus additional undergraduate MIS courses or
  • Undergraduate degree, plus additional undergraduate business and MIS courses or
  • Undergraduate degree, experience in MIS, plus additional undergraduate courses depending upon undergraduate degree

MSIS Admission Requirements and Instructions

  1. A completed MSU Graduate School application submitted online is required; paper applications are not accepted. To access the online application, please visit: Detailed admissions requirements and instructions are also available on the Graduate School website. The exception to this application is for readmission (available on the Graduate School website under Forms).
  2. Requirements and Instructions. Detailed admission requirements and instructions can be found at 
  3. In order for a student to pursue a graduate degree at MSU, the student must complete the formal online application for admission to the Graduate School and receive an official letter granting admission. Students are required to have a minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) for admission consideration. A GPA of 3.00 or above for the last 60 hours of coursework will be considered if a student does not meet the 2.75 requirements. Students who do not meet either GPA requirement may appeal to the department chairperson for consideration.
  4. Statement of Purpose. An applicant must submit a concise (500-1500 words) essay describing his/her primary interest in the MSIS program, experiences related to the area of study, and objectives in pursuing the MSIS degree at MSU. In particular, the essay should be as specific as possible in describing the student’s interests, and relevant educational, research, commercial, government, or teaching experiences. If applying for more than one program, submit a separate Statement of Purpose for each program.
  5. Applicants must earn an admission score of at least 400 to be considered. This score is calculated as follows:
    Statement of Purpose score (total possible = 100 points) plus undergraduate GPA multiplied by 100 plus the number of years of professional level work experiences multiplied by 10 up to a maximum of 100 points). A resume must be submitted with evidence to support the number of years of professional experience.
  6. The applicant must receive a recommendation for acceptance from the College of Business Graduate Faculty.
Required Courses
BIT 557Foundations of Information Assurance and Security3
BIT 559Systems Analysis3
BIT 560Manage/Integrate IS Function3
BIT 561IS Project Management3
BIT 563Database Systems and Application3
BIT 565Systems Design3
BIT 566Knowledge Management3
BIT 570E-Business Strategy3
BIT 575Business Network Systems Management3
BIT 595MSIS Capstone Project3
Total Hours30



Dr. Kristi Berg

Mr. Chad Fenner
Assistant Professor

Dr. Serena Pontenila
Assistant Professor


Dr. Stephen Beyer

Dr. Nick Bowersox

Dr. Rhonda Chicone