Center for Extended Learning (CEL)

The mission of the Center for Extended Learning (CEL) is to provide flexible, accessible, and quality lifelong learning opportunities. To serve this mission, CEL offers courses in a variety of locations and in a range of formats that meet the needs of today’s learners. In addition, CEL provides community and professional seminars and education workshops for teachers throughout North Dakota and surrounding states. Non-credit activities may also be offered in a wide variety of interest areas to meet the needs of the local community.

Minot State Online

Minot State University is dedicated to the development of anytime, quality, flexible, online education. Our online courses allow students to take graduate courses in the convenience of their home, office, or school. These courses reflect the same rigorous academic standards that apply to the University’s traditional programs. A current listing of certificate and degree programs is available on the Minot State Online website.

Out of State Students
State laws require colleges and universities to be authorized to offer online degree programs in the states where their students reside. As a result, Minot State joined the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) in June 2014, allowing Minot State to offer online programs to residents in other SARA states. If you reside outside of North Dakota and would like to take online courses from Minot State, please visit the State Authorization page for information on programs available in your area.

State and federal laws also require Minot State to provide notifications regarding whether or not our programs lead to licensure in the states where our students are located. For information on programs leading to licensure outside of North Dakota, please visit the State Authorization and Licensure page for more information.

Programs and Courses for the Military

CEL graduate courses and degree programs are available to military personnel, their dependents, and civilians online and on the Minot State campus. The University provides a coordinator at the MAFB in the Francis X. Deignan Building to assist Air Force personnel with selecting courses, tuition assistance, and registration. Students may register for MAFB classes via Campus Connection.

Prior to enrollment eligible service members must receive approval from your ESO, military counselor, or military service.

Computer Literacy

According to the Department of Defense directive 1322.8, all students completing a degree on the Minot Air Force Base must do one of the following: 1) successfully complete an introduction to computer science course as one of their program electives, or 2) present evidence (credential, transcript etc.) that computer literacy has been obtained.

Drop and Withdrawals—Military

All military members using tuition assistance who wish to drop courses or withdraw from the semester must complete the appropriate drop/withdrawal procedures with Minot State and visit with their Education Center to adjust their tuition assistance account. Failure to follow the drop/withdrawal procedures will result in a failing grade for each course for which the student has enrolled.

The Military Resource Center is your point of contact for Department of Defense (DoD) and United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) educational benefits.

Military Resource Center - all service branches
Andy Heitkamp (701) 858-4003 or

MAFB - US Air Force active duty
Brigitte Mikula (701)727-9044 or

GEM and AU-ABC - US Air Force active duty
Jolina Miller (701) 858-3218 or

Registration for CEL Credit Activities

Registration for CEL credit activities must be completed via Campus Connection. Campus Connection allows you to choose courses offered by several delivery methods. When registering for a course, review the Instruction Mode list of delivery options. Courses not listed as On Campus Face to Face or Hybrid/Blended are distance education courses offered by CEL. Any student interested in enrolling in a distance education course must be fully admitted to Minot State, either as a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking student.

Tuition and Fees

Please see the Financial Information section and the Business Office website for information on tuition and fees for distance education courses offered by CEL.

Financial aid is available for qualifying students who enroll in courses for University credit. Students must make application to Minot State University, meet all admission standards listed in this catalog, and be eligible for financial aid.

Immunization Waiver

A student who enrolls in only distance education courses (online, independent study, or off-campus sites) may be exempt from submitting proof of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) and meningococcal immunization for admission to Minot State. A student immunization waiver request must be completed to grant an exemption. Students who choose to attend the campus at a later time will be required to submit proof of MMR immunization.

Refunds—All Students

If a student wants to drop/withdraw a CEL credit course, refunds will be determined according to University policies and refund procedures. Contact the Business Office at 701-858-3330 or toll free 1-800-777-0750 for specific information. 

For more information, please visit the CEL website.