Graduate School Policies and Regulations

The following policies constitute minimum requirements of the Graduate School. Additional department or program requirements may apply.

Graduate students are responsible for becoming familiar with the various requirements of graduate study that are applicable and to satisfy them accordingly. The University reserves the right to change the requirements regarding admission and to drop, add, or change the arrangement of courses, curricula, requirements for retention, graduation, degrees, and other regulations of the Graduate School. Such regulations shall be effective whenever determined by the appropriate faculty and administrative bodies. See website addenda at They may govern both current and new students. In addition, fees, expenses, and other items may change dependent upon departmental, University, or system regulations or policy. Contact the MSU Graduate School for the most current updates.

The University is on a semester system. The semester hour is the unit of credit used at MSU. The credit hour definition is available in the Undergraduate Catalog. For graduate enrollment, full-time load is nine semester hours in a 16-week session, nine semester hours in summer semester, and five semester hours in an 8-week session in fall and spring semesters. 

Unofficial Transcript
Current students and students enrolled at MSU since fall 2005 can acquire unofficial transcripts online, at no charge, using Campus Connection.

Official Transcripts
Students can request an official transcript online. Transcripts cannot be released without the student’s written signature unless requested online through Campus Connection. Transcripts cannot be requested by email or telephone. A service charge does apply per transcript copy, with additional charges for special ordering options. For additional information please visit

All transcripts contain a student’s entire academic record including undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education coursework.