Graduate Policy on Status Appeal and Re-admission of Dismissed Students

Status Appeal Process

A student may appeal a non-retained or dismissed status in the Graduate School to the program director of his/her program of study. The appeal must be in writing accompanied by appropriate documentation to support the student’s position. Appeals will be handled by the program director, in consultation with the student’s adviser, and the head of the Graduate School, as needed. The Graduate School office will notify the student of the outcome of the appeal.

Readmission of Students Dismissed from the Graduate School

Dismissed students who seek readmission to the Graduate School must wait one calendar year following the semester of dismissal. During the final semester of the dismissal, the student may petition the department/program for readmission. The petition (a written request for consideration for readmission) will be reviewed by the academic department/program. If approved by the department/program, the recommendation for readmission, including the course of action to be taken by the student to remedy the reason for the dismissal, must be approved by the head of the Graduate School.