Course Numbering System

Courses numbered 501 and greater are restricted to students who hold a baccalaureate degree or undergraduate seniors based on the non-degree policy.

Any course numbered 2000, regardless of prefix, is designed for a workshop and is offered for satisfactory/unsatisfactory credit. This type of credit may not be applied to an advanced degree at Minot State University.

The following course numbers are reserved:

589 Continuing Enrollment
590 Seminar
592 Special Topics
595 Capstone Course
597 Independent Study
598 Project
599 Thesis

These course numbers permit courses which may better fit the needs and desires of students without having to offer them on a yearly basis.


Grades are reported in letter symbols, each of which carries a value in honor points per credit hour attempted. The honor points are used to evaluate a student’s scholarship record. MSU graduate programs do not allow for the awarding of the letter “D” as a grade.

Grade Significance Honor Points
A Above Average 4
B Average 3
C Below Average 2
F Failure (no credit) 0

Other Symbols

W Withdrew
AU Audit
X In Progress
P Pass
I Incomplete
NC No Credit
S Satisfactory
NR No Report
U Unsatisfactory
# Course Repeated

Grades are processed at the end of each term. Students may access their grades through Campus Connection approximately one week following the close of the term. Discrepancies on transcripts must be brought to the attention of the Registrar’s Office within one year of the term in question.

Grade Changes

Faculty may submit a grade change within one year of the original posting of a grade. After one year, any grade change will need to be approved by the chair, head of the Graduate School, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs. These requests must be accompanied by a written explanation.


An incomplete may be requested by the student who has been in attendance, has done satisfactory work (C or better) during the term, and whose work is incomplete for reasons found to be satisfactory to the instructor. The Graduate School Course Completion Agreement detailing the work to be completed and expected completion date must be signed and dated by both the student and instructor. The original copy of the agreement must be submitted to the Graduate School before the grade submission deadline. The Graduate School will provide photocopies of the agreement to the student and the instructor, will maintain a copy for our records, and will submit the original to the Registrar’s Office.

If a grade change is not received by the Registrar’s Office prior to the 60th calendar day following the date the original grade was due, the “I” grade will automatically be changed to the official grade as assigned on the agreement.

  • The grade of Incomplete (I) is an administrative grade that may only be entered by the Registrar’s Office. A grade of “X” (In Progress) is available for 595, 598, and 599 courses.
  • The instructor will submit the grade earned at the time of grade positing if he/she chooses not to sign a Course Completion Agreement or the student does not request one.
  • The instructor may complete the agreement on behalf of the student if the student is unable to do so; however, the Agreement must be accompanied by some support from the student (an email, voice mail transcript, etc.) indicating he/she has authorized the faculty member to sign on his/her behalf.