Minot State University - Graduate School


In 1964, the first Master of Science degrees were offered at Minot State University in the areas of Education and Speech and Hearing.  In 1973, the State Board of Higher Education authorized graduate programs in Learning Disabilities and Mental Retardation. The Board also separated the singular area of Speech and Hearing into two programs, Speech Pathology and Audiology. The Special Education graduate program with an emphasis in Severely Multi-Handicapped was added in 1977. In 1983, the graduate program in Elementary Education began and in 1985 an Infant/Toddler emphasis was created in the Special Education master’s program.

In 1986, the scope of graduate education at Minot State University was enlarged by the State Board of Higher Education with the approval of a Master of Arts in Teaching degree with a major in Mathematics. The Board further expanded with the graduate offerings to include a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice in the Fall of 1990. A Master of Arts in Teaching Science and a Master of Music Education degrees were added in the Summer of 1991. A Master of Science in School Psychology was authorized in May of 1993 which was upgraded to an Education Specialist degree Fall of 1995.  A Master of Science in Management degree was approved in September of 1995. A Master of Education degree was approved in 2001, replacing the Master of Science in Elementary Education degree. Concentrations for the Master of Education degree are added each year. In 2002, MSU entered into a cooperative doctoral program in criminal justice with the University of North Dakota. A Master of Science in Information Systems degree was added in 2004. A Master of Science in Sports Management degree was approved In 2016.  Graduate certificates currently being offered are: Knowledge Management, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Early Childhood Special Education, Special Education Strategist, and Learning Disabilities, Managerial Concepts and Cybersecurity Management.


The Graduate School was developed to administer, support, and evaluate the graduate programs at Minot State University. This process includes assisting potential and enrolled graduate students as they pursue their degrees. Support is also provided to departmental faculty who develop and run their graduate programs.

Mission and Vision Statement

The mission of the Minot State University's Graduate School is to provide a scholarly environment that promotes professional growth characterized by critical inquiry, creativity, discovery, and leadership.

Contact Information

The Graduate School office is located in the Administration Building, Room 352.  Mailing address: MSU Graduate School, 500 University Avenue West, Minot State University, Minot, ND 58707. The University's toll-free number is 1-800-777-0750, ext. 3413 or 701-858-3413.  For more information, please visit our website at www.minotstateu.edu/graduate or email us at: graduate@minotstateu.edu.