Obtaining a Graduate Degree

General Requirements for Obtaining a Graduate Degree

The student is responsible for becoming familiar with and completing the requirements for the degree being sought. The student may expect guidance from his/her advisor, committee, and assistance from the Graduate School. Students are also encouraged to consult the Graduate School Catalog (the year they were admitted) and Graduate School website for the most current information.

The responsibility for the following requirements rests fully with the student. The graduate degree will not be awarded until the head of the Graduate School is satisfied that all requirements have been completed. 

Admission Status

Admitted—Approved Status

A student who has met all minimum requirements of the graduate school for admission and all program requirements for admission, has been recommended by the Program Director for admission, and has been approved by the head of the Graduate School for admission will be granted Admission—Approved Status.

Admitted—Provisional Status

A student who has not met one or more of the graduate school and/or program requirements (i.e., low GPA, low test scores, lack of test scores) may be granted Admission—Provisional Status with the recommendation of the Program Director and the approval of the head of the Graduate School. Students who are Admitted—Provisional Status due to low GPA will be eligible for advancement to Approved Status after accumulating nine (9) semester hours if their cumulative GPA is 3.00. Students with low or missing test scores will be given a specific deadline in their admission letter for submitting the minimum required score.  Students who are Admitted--Provisional Status who do not meet the condition(s) specified in the letter of admission by the deadline will be dismissed from the Graduate School at the end of the semester when the condition(s) should have been met. Students who have Admitted—Provisional Status may not be appointed as Graduate Assistants through the Graduate School and are ineligible for Graduate School scholarships.

Graduate School Policy on Deferred Enrollment

Admitted students may request their initial enrollment be deferred for up to one year from the semester they originally intended to matriculate.  After one year, the student will be required to complete the Application for Deferment/Re-Admission found online at http://www.minotstateu.edu/graduate/_documents/forms/readmission.pdf.