Change in Registration

Program Change

Each student is responsible for the program of study that has been approved by the advisor and submitted to the Graduate School no later than the completion of their first nine semester hours. A change in a student’s program is made only with the approval of their advisor, department chair, and on proper forms filed with the Graduate School.

Adding and Dropping a Graduate Class

The dates for adding and dropping graduate classes are printed in the calendar portion of this catalog and are consistent with the dates for adding and dropping undergraduate classes.

Hardship Withdrawal from a Class

After the drop period, special consideration may be given to hardship cases if recommended as such by the instructor, department/division chairperson, and head of the Graduate School.

Withdrawal from the University

A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from the University before the end of the term must complete a withdrawal form with the Financial Aid Office. A letter must also be addressed to the Graduate School and the adviser stating the reason for withdrawal. Failure to follow the regular procedure will result in the student receiving an “F” in the courses for which he/she was registered. A student is not permitted to withdraw from the University during the last three weeks of a semester or the last two weeks of a summer session except in the case of an extreme emergency.


An auditor is one who attends class as a listener without the privilege of participating in the regular class work. An auditor may participate in class activities at the discretion of the instructor. No credit is awarded for an audited class and an auditor may not later establish credit in the class by taking a special examination. A student may change his/her status in a course from “credit” to “audit” up through the final drop date of the term. This must be done on the proper form available at the Registrar’s Office. An auditor must meet admission requirements for the Graduate School. The student must pay one-half of the normal tuition to audit the course.