Undergraduate Non-Degree Students

Students who enroll in courses but do not wish to seek a degree may enroll as Undergraduate Non-Degree students. Students enrolling with this status are not eligible for federal financial aid and may not exceed a total of 12 semester hours of undergraduate credit. Non-degree seeking students who are active duty military can complete up to 24 semester hours of undergraduate credit. Students enrolling in upper-level coursework that have pre-requisites may be asked to provide a copy of a college transcript to the department overseeing the course and seek departmental approval prior to enrollment.

To apply to be a non-degree seeking student, students must complete the Minot State Application for Admission, pay the $35 application fee, and provide a record of immunization for measles, mumps, and rubella if participating in classes on campus, students ages 21 and younger must provide documentation of immunity against meningococcal disease given at or after age 16, complete the tuberculosis questionnaire, and complete the Non-Degree Seeking form. However, non-degree students are not required to fulfill all admission requirements.

Enrollment in courses beyond 12 (24 for active duty military) semester hours will be contingent upon completion of all entrance requirements for transfer students. Students wishing to change their status to degree seeking must also complete the Application for Status Change from Non-Degree to Degree Seeking. This form must be submitted and all official transcripts received by the Registrar’s Office prior to enrolling for the next semester.

APC - 11/1/16 & FS - 2/16/17