2017-18 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Auditing Students

An auditor is one who attends class as a listener without the privilege of participating in any way in the regular class work. An auditor may participate in class activities at the discretion of the instructor. No credit is awarded for an audited course, and an auditor may not later establish credit in that course by taking a special examination. A student may change his/her status in a course from “credit” to “audit” or vice versa up through the final drop date of the term. This must be done on the proper form available at the Registrar’s Office. An auditor must meet University entrance requirements and follow all standard admissions procedures and complete a special audit form available at the Registrar’s Office. An auditor pays 50% of the regular, per credit tuition charge for the course. No financial aid will be awarded for courses that are audited.