2018-2019 Academic Catalogs

Personal and Social Responsibility

Personal and Social Responsibility (PSR) requires a student to develop an understanding and commitment to individual well-being and to civic life and community needs.

  • PSR1 Relationships and Value Systems
  • PSR2 Responding to Community Needs
  • PSR3 Individual Well-Being
PRS1 - Relationships and Value Systems
Relationships and value systems requires students recognize their relationships to communities and evaluate different value systems associated with community issues.
ATR 323A T Clinical Experience III2
BADM 321Marketing3
CD 420Advanced Communication Disorders3
COMM 354Special Events Planning3
CSCI 331Social Implications4
ED 284Teaching Diverse Learners2
ENGL 262Foundations in Am Lit II3
GEOG 110Introduction to Geography3
GEOG 262North America3
GEOG 360Perception of the Environment3
HON 395HCitizenship and Service3
INT 496Study Abroad (Non-Reciprocal)1-18
INT 497Study Abroad1-18
KIN 442Adapted Physical Education2
LEGL 365Law & Society3
MHA 344Dynamics of Addiction3
NURS 354Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing4
NURS 483Professional Nursing II3
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy3
POLS 275Contemporary Community Issues3
PSY 497Psychology Practicum3
SOC 275Contemporary Community Issues3
SOC 361Comparative Ethnic Studies3
SS 283Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in America3
THEA 414Theatre Management3
PSR2 - Responding to Community Needs
Responding to community needs requires students respond to community needs by engaging in meaningful community activities.
ACCT 497Accounting Internship2-12
ART 95Art Experience0
ART 250Ceramics I3
ATR 324A T Clinical Experience IV2
BADM 495Seminars in Leadership Develop3
BADM 497Internship2-9
BIT 312Data and Information Management3
BIT 470Projects in MIS3
CJ 497Field Experience1-6
COMM 218Public Relations Principles3
ED 441Clinical Practice in Remedial Reading3
HON 391HCommunity Problem-Solving3
HON 395HCitizenship and Service3
INT 95Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Community0
KIN 497Practicum in Corporate Fitness8-18
LANG 95Foreign Language Experience0
NURS 493Professional Nursing III3
NURS 497Nursing Practicum6
PSY 111Introduction to Psychology3
PSY 495Service Learning3
SWK 427Social Work Methods III3
THEA 95Theatre Experience0
UNIV 110First Year Seminar2-3
PSR3 Individual Well-Being
Individual well-being requires students exercise individual well-being by exploring and practicing healthy behaviors.
ART 101Introduction to Studio Art3
ART 112Print, Web, and Social Media Graphics3
ART 122Two-Dimensional Design3
ART 130Drawing I3
ART 140Arts & Crafts3
ART 180Digital Photography3
ART 204Jewelry and Small Sculpture3
ART 250Ceramics I3
ART 280Traditional Photography3
BADM 301Fundamentals of Management3
BIT 123Technology-Personal Development3
CD 413Anatomy and Phys for Communication Disorders3
FIN 251Personal Finance3
HMS 151Stress Management2
HMS 240Nutrition3
MUSC 120Concert Choir1
KIN 100Concepts of Fitness & Wellness2
KIN 101Social Dance1
KIN 109Racket Sports1
KIN 110Beginning Swimming1
KIN 120Strength Training1
KIN 125Intermediate Swimming1
KIN 126Group Exercise1
MUSC 150Orchestra1
MUSC 160Concert Band1
NURS 383Professional Nursing I3
PSY 261Psychology of Adjustment3
PSY 270Abnormal Psychology3
SPED 234Disability and Society3
THEA 301Movement I3
THEA 302Movement II3