Concentration Requirements

A concentration is similar in concept to the minor but requires fewer credits for completion. Concentrations may be earned in fields unrelated to students’ majors or they may be complementary or supportive of majors.

Students may not earn a concentration without also earning or holding a Minot State University degree.

Pursuing a Concentration

Any student may elect to earn one or more concentrations; however, Bachelor of Arts degree recipients must pursue at least one concentration outside the division/department in order to complete degree requirements. The student should discuss intentions to pursue a concentration with his/her advisor.

Credits Required for a Concentration

Courses required for the concentration are specified by each discipline that offers one. Although the actual number of credits required to complete a concentration will vary by discipline, a minimum of nine credits has been established by the faculty for this purpose. Concentrations that include a minimum of 12 credits per SBHE Policy 409 will be transcribed.

Grade Point Average Requirement

A minimum grade point average of 2.00 is required for the concentration(s). Some programs of study have higher minimum grade point average expectations. Refer to individual program guidelines for more information.

Student may declare or change transcriptable concentrations by accessing the online major/minor change form located at