2017-18 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Interconnecting Perspectives

Interconnecting Perspectives (IP) requires a student to study, reflect, and apply the understanding of diverse global and domestic perspectives both in the classroom and in a global setting.

  •  IP1 Knowledge
  •  IP2 Experience
IP1 - Knowledge
Interconnecting perspectives: knowledge requires students demonstrate through coursework an understanding of diversity both globally and within the United States.
ARB 101Beginning Arabic I4
ARB 102Beginning Arabic II4
ART 212Non-Western Art History3
ART 313Women in the Visual Arts3
ART 315Native American Art3
BADM 307International Business3
BIOL 310Ethnobotany4
BIOL 347General Ecology4
BIT 443Outsourcing Management3
CJ 362Gender Issues in Criminal Justice3
COMM 413Gender Communication3
CSCI 331Social Implications4
ENGL 231Bible as Literature3
ENGL 232World Mythology3
ENGL 240World Literature3
ENGL 265Native American Literature3
ENGL 339Topics in African Lit3
ENGL 349Chinese and Japanese Literature3
ENGL 363Magical Realism3
ENGL 373World Drama3
ENGL 383Topics in Black American Literature3
FREN 101Beginning French I4
FREN 102Beginning French II4
GEOG 110Introduction to Geography3
GEOG 161World Regional Geography3
GEOG 266Latin America and the Caribbean3
GEOG 370Geography of World Tourism3
GEOG 380Cultural Geography3
GERM 101Beginning German I4
GERM 102Beginning German II4
HIST 206Islam And The Muslim World3
HIST 211World Civilizations to 15003
HIST 212World Civilizations Since 15003
HIST 215HModern World Origins3
HIST 231Latin American History Survey3
HIST 240African History Survey3
HIST 261American Indian History3
HIST 280Practice and Method3
HIST 337Imperialism in Asia3
HIST 338History of South Africa3
HIST 363Atlantic History3
HIST 365Peoples & Cultures of Native North America3
HIST 380History Of Mexico3
HIST 385History of Brazil3
HIST 420Indian People of the Great Plains3
HIST 430Native American Social History3
HIST 435Latin American History Seminar3
HIST 440Comparative Slavery in the Americas3
HIST 442The Crusades3
HMS 333Transcultural Health Care3
HPER 407Psychology of Physical Education & Athletes2
HUM 254Non-Western Humanities3
MUSC 201World Music3
MUSC 205History of US Through Music3
MUSC 207History of Pop and Rock Music3
POLS 220International Politics3
PSY 252Child Psychology3
PSY 344Dynamics of Addiction3
PSY 352Adolescent Psychology3
PSY 379Psychology of Adult & Aging3
SOC 280Social Movement & Human Right3
SOC 374Cultural Studies3
SPAN 101Beginning Spanish I4
SPAN 102Beginning Spanish II4
SS 283Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in America3
THEA 450Contemporary Drama3
IP2 - Experience
Interconnecting perspectives: experience requires students demonstrate through an applied experience an understanding of diversity both globally and within the United States.
ART 496Study Tour1-6
BADM 301Fundamentals of Management3
BADM 427International Marketing3
CD 324Techniques in Communication Disorders3
CJ 497Field Experience1-6
ED 491Student Teaching Kindergarten4-16
ED 492Student Teaching, Elementary4-16
ED 493Student Teaching, Secondary4-16
ED 494Student Teaching K-124-16
ED 495Student Teaching, Special Areas4-16
FREN 201Intermediate French I4
FREN 202Intermediate French II4
GEOL 290Regional Geology3
GERM 201Intermediate German I4
GERM 202Intermediate German II4
HIST 95Intercultural Experience0
HPER 220Methods of Teaching Dance2
HPER 223A T Clinical Experience II1
HUM 496Study Tour1-6
INT 496Study Abroad (Non-Reciprocal)1-18
INT 497Study Abroad1-18
NURS 456Public Health Nursing5
NURS 458Public Health Prof Nurse II3
POLS 95Political Science Experience0
PSY 495Service Learning3
PSY 497Psychology Practicum3
SCI 405Radiologic Technology Clinical6-15
SOC 201Social Problems3
SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I4
SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II4
SPED 296Field Experience in IDD4
SPED 497Externship in IDD8
SWK 490Field Education12