2016-17 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Developmental Content

The Developmental Content emphasizes outcomes and are divided into three categories.

  1. Critical Capacities and Skills (CCS) which requires a student to demonstrate the capacity to think critically, write, collaborate, communicate, solve problems, and to deploy skills related to information and quantitative literacy.
    • CCS1 Problem Solving
    • CCS2 Information Literacy
    • CCS3 Critical Reading
    • CCS4 Quantitative Literacy
    • CCS5 Oral/Written Communications
    • CCS6 Collaboration
  2. Personal and Social Responsibility (PSR) which requires a student to develop an understanding and commitment to individual well-being and to civic life and community needs.
    • PSR1 Relationships and Value Systems
    •  PSR2 Responding to Community Needs
    • PSR3 Individual Well-Being
  3. Interconnecting Perspectives (IP) which requires a student to study, reflect, and apply the understanding of diverse global and domestic perspectives both in the classroom and in a global setting.
    • IP1 Knowledge
    • IP2 Experience