2016-17 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs


Management Program Mission

The Management program prepares future professionals to plan, organize staff, lead, and control resources for the purpose of adding value to organizations in diverse environments.

Management Program Goals and Outcomes

Goal Outcome
Apply management principles at strategic, tactical, and operational levels.Applies planning activities including analyzing current situations, anticipating the future, determining objectives, deciding in what types of activities the organization will engage, choosing strategies, and determining the resources needed to achieve the organization’s goals.
Prepare organizational activities, including attracting people to the organization, specifying job responsibilities, grouping work into jobs, and organizing people and things to work together effectively.
Assess leadership styles of self and others.
Apply control fundamentals, including monitoring progress and implementing necessary changes to align with organizational goals.
Apply operational concepts and quantitative decision models for solving operations and production problems.
Apply qualitative and quantitative techniques to evaluate business performance.
Apply management skills from an entrepreneurial perspective.Explain entrepreneurial theory, knowledge, practice, tools and techniques needed by entrepreneurs to start, grow, and harvest a successful venture.
Apply innovation and creativity to create value to the organization.
Develop a plan that includes sales projections, operations, marketing, finance, and organizational architecture.
Identify, explore, and analyze entrepreneurial opportunities.
Explain management skills from an international business perspective.Explain the theory, practice, and impact of international business.
Explain culture and management in an international context.


Bachelor of Science with a major in Management

General Education
General Education Courses38-40
College of Business Required General Education Courses
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Elementary Statistics
College of Business Core Requirements
ACCT 200Elements of Accounting I3
ACCT 201Elements of Accounting II3
ACCT 300Legal Environment of Business3
BADM 301Fundamentals of Management3
BADM 321Marketing3
BIT 220Management Information Systems3
BIT 318Business Communication3
BOTE 247Spreadsheet Applications3
FIN 353Corporation Finance3
Courses Requirement for Management Majors
ACCT 321Managerial Accounting3
BADM 120Fundamentals of Business3
BADM 303Human Resource Management3
BADM 304Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management3
BADM 307International Business3
BADM 416Operations Management3
BADM 436Organizational Behavior Principles and Practices3
BADM 465Strategic Management3
BADM 489Entrepreneurship and New Venture3
(To meet the 120 SH graduation requirement)
Total Hours120