Department of Business Information Technology

BIT Courses

BIT 120. Introduction to Cybersecurity. 3 Hours.

This course will increase student's understanding of the broad areas of cybersecurity. Discussion of the best practices for personal, professional, corporate, financial, and government protection strategies. The course will focus on three major areas: technical, organizational, and legal aspects of security. The exposure to security topics will assist students with future endeavors in all disciplines. The course does not assume any prior knowledge of computer security and can be enjoyed by anyone interested in improving the security of their digital information.

BIT 123. Technology-Personal Development. 3 Hours.

Introduction to technology for personal development. Emphasis placed on how to leverage technology to achieve goals and improve quality of life.

BIT 154. Word Processing & Presentation Software. 3 Hours.

Focuses on an intermediate level of Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint. The focus of the Word portion is business correspondence, reports, tables, mail merge, templates, and styles; the focus of PowerPoint is slide creation and delivery of business presentations utilizing appropriate text, graphics, objects, and pictures. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is encouraged after completion of this course. Prerequisites: Previous computer experience.

BIT 220. Management Information Systems. 3 Hours.

Designed to provide an introduction to systems and development concepts, technology acquisition, and various types of application software that have become prevalent or are emerging in modern organizations and society. Also introduces students to contemporary information systems and demonstrates how these systems are used throughout global organizations. The focus of this course is on the key components of information systems - people, software, hardware, data, and communication technology, and how these components can be integrated and managed to create competitive advantage.

BIT 235. Introduction to Web Site Design. 3 Hours.

Basics of web site design using HTML code and web editing software.

BIT 299. Special Topics. 1-3 Hour.

BIT 310. IT Project Management. 3 Hours.

The course is designed to examine the processes, methods, techniques and tools that organizations use to manage their information systems projects utilizing a systematic methodology for initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing projects.

BIT 311. Organizational Collaboration. 3 Hours.

Course explores collaboration within an organization, including establishment and maintenance of a collaborative culture, virtual team development and member roles, collaborative communication, and collaborative tools and technology. Prerequisite: BIT 220.

BIT 312. Data and Information Management. 3 Hours.

Provides the students with an introduction to the core concepts in data and information management. It is centered around the core skills of identifying organization information requirements, modeling them using conceptual data modeling techniques, converting the conceptual data modes into relational data models and verifying its structural characteristics with normalization techniques, and implementing and utilizing a relational database. Prerequisites: Students must complete BIT 220, 310, and 311 before enrolling in this course.

BIT 318. Business Communication. 3 Hours.

Focuses on professional communication in written, oral, and nonverbal channels. Emphasis on message planning in the digital age and with diverse populations, workplace communication, business report writing and presenting, and employment communication. Prerequisite: ENGL 110.

BIT 358. IT Infrastructure. 3 Hours.

Designed to explore topics related to both computer and systems architecture and communication networks.

BIT 370. E-Commerce. 3 Hours.

Exploration of E-Commerce and E-Business technologies and key concepts of the evolving dynamic of business and information system environments. Students will study the continuously altering world of business in a digital marketplace including architecture, security, social media, and diverse platform implementations. Prerequisites: BIT 235 and BIT 312.

BIT 385. Technology Management. 3 Hours.

Designed to explore current issues, approaches to the management of technology, the interaction of new technologies with existing technologies, legal and regulatory implications of technology, ethics, and the processes through which organizations generate and absorb technological innovations.

BIT 391. Methods of Teaching Business. 3 Hours.

Emphasizes the competencies needed for preservice teachers that may apply to the teaching of any business course. Special emphasis placed on classroom management strategies, unit development, lesson planning, evaluation and assessment option, along with other activities pertaining to the actual teaching experience. Offered on campus fall odd years.

BIT 399. Special Topics. 1-3 Hour.

BIT 421. History and Philosophy of CTE. 3 Hours.

Focuses on the history, growth, legislation, and elements of Career and Technical Education (CTE). An overview of the organization and administration at the federal, state, and local level is included. Prerequisite: Admission to teacher education and Junior status.

BIT 423. Leadership in CTSOs. 3 Hours.

Study of planning and implementing of career and technical student organizations. Principles in developing co-curricular career and technical education curriculum are included. Offered on campus Fall odd years. Prerequisite: Student must be admitted into teacher education before enrolling in this class.

BIT 440. Enterprise Architecture. 3 Hours.

Designed to explore the design, selection, implementation, and management of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for information systems. The focus is on applications and infrastructures as applied within the business. The course will also address outsourcing and use of a cloud environment. Prerequisite: BIT 220.

BIT 441. IS Strategy, Management, & Acquistion. 3 Hours.

Designed to explore the issues and approaches managing change, managing the information systems function in organizations, and how the IS function integrates, supports, and enables various types of organizational capabilities. Prerequisite: Students must complete BIT 440 before enrolling in this course.

BIT 444. IT Security & Information Assurance. 3 Hours.

Designed to explore hardware, software, processes, communications, applications, and policies, and procedures with respect to organizational IT Security and Risk Management. Offered on campus Fall odd years and online Spring even years. Prerequisite: Students must complete BIT 358 before enrolling in this course.

BIT 445. IT Audit Controls. 3 Hours.

Designed to explore the fundamental concepts of the information technology audit and control function. The main focuses of this course is on the understanding information controls, the types of controls and their impact on the organization, and how to manage and audit. Offered on campus Fall odd years and online Spring even years. Prerequisite: Students must complete BIT 385 before enrolling in this course.

BIT 452. Client/Server Database. 3 Hours.

Designed to explore the issues of managing database systems as essential organizational resources. Students learn the enterprise-data-architecture components, data storage configurations, and information retrieval methods. Offered on campus Spring even years and online Fall odd years. Prerequisite: Student must complete BIT 312 before enrolling in this class.

BIT 453. Systems Analysis. 3 Hours.

Designed to explore systematic methodologies for analyzing a business problem or opportunity, determining what role, if any, computer-based technologies can play in addressing the business need, articulating business requirements for the technology solution, specifying alternative approaches to acquiring the technology capabilities need to address the business requirements, and specifying the requirements for the information systems solution. Prerequisite: BIT 312.

BIT 460. MIS Seminar. 3 Hours.

The MIS seminar provides the students an opportunity to explore current issues, trends, and careers in the field. Prerequisite: Restricted to students with senior status.

BIT 470. Projects in MIS. 3 Hours.

The culminating experience fo all MIS majors. The application of concepts learned from courses taken in the College of Business core, Management Information Systems core, and tracks are applied to real world projects. Prerequisite: Restricted to students with senior status.

BIT 494. Independent Study. 1-8 Hour.

BIT 495. Seminars in Leadership Development. 3 Hours.

Special topics in leadership including concepts, principles, and processes to facilitate effective, compassionate, and ethical leadership within the leader/follower relationship. The course will examine the relevance of self-awareness, self-management, environmental situations, social awareness & responsibility, and relationship management in authentic leadership. Prerequisites: Restricted to College of Business majors and minors and students with junior or senior status. Instructor consent is required.

BIT 497. Internship. 3-9 Hour.

Internship allows the student to combine an on-the-job learning experience with related academic coursework. Prerequisite: Senior status, restricted to MIS majors.

BIT 499. Special Topics. 1-3 Hour.

Topics will vary from year to year.

BOTE Courses

BOTE 147. Word Processing. 3 Hours.

Use of current word processing software to create professional business documents including letters, memos, reports, tables, forms, brochures, and graphic aids. Advanced features in printing, macros, and merging also practiced. Prerequisite: BOTE 152 or at least one semester of high school keyboarding. Offered online only.

BOTE 152. Keyboarding II. 3 Hours.

Development of speed and accuracy in keyboarding straight copy and production activities. Emphasis placed on formatting and keying various business documents including memos, letters, reports, and tables from straight copy, rough drafts, adn unarranged material. Prerequisite: BOTE 102 or at least one semester of high school keyboarding. Offered online only.

BOTE 247. Spreadsheet Applications. 3 Hours.

Intermediate and advanced use of application software for creation of spreadsheets, graphs, databases, and macros. Integration with other software applications is also reviewed. Prerequisite: Students must complete at least one college level math course, ASC 093 (Intermediate Algebra) or higher before enrolling in this course.


Department Chair

Dr. Lorraine J. Willoughby, PhD

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