Department of Business Administration


BADM 101. Introduction to Entrepreneurship. 3 Hours.

Introduces fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship. Students will develop an understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and core entrepreneurship competencies. Explores current issues and trends in entrepreneurship.

BADM 120. Fundamentals of Business. 3 Hours.

Students will develop an understanding of the abilities and skills required for success in future business and nonbusiness careers and endeavors within society. This course may not be taken by business majors during their final two semesters. An excellent course for beginning students and nonbusiness majors. Prerequisite: Restricted to freshman and sophomore students.

BADM 299. Special Topics In Bus Admin. 1-8 Hour.

BADM 301. Fundamentals of Management. 3 Hours.

Focuses on the nature of management , the evolution of management thought, strategic management and planning concepts, desision making and creative problem solving, and motivation and leadership in a changing environment. Pre-requisite: Sophomore status.

BADM 303. Human Resource Management. 3 Hours.

Includes an examination of policies, programs, procedures, staffing, performance expectations, wage and salary administration, laws, ethics, and research related to human capital. Prerequisite: BADM 301.

BADM 304. Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management. 3 Hours.

Introductory entrepreneurship course intended to provide a solid foundation in terms of the vital role played by entrepreneurs, innovation, and creativity in the global economy. The various components of a business plan are introduced. this course is complemented at the end of the management program with the entrepreneurship and new venture creation course. Prerequisite: Student must complete BADM 301 and have junior status before enrolling in this class.

BADM 307. International Business. 3 Hours.

Introduces conceptual and operational problems of participating in international business. Coverage includes a study of managerial, marketing, financial, accounting, legal, economic, and cultural environments in foreign markets for the conduct of world business. Prerequisite: Student must complete BADM 301 and 321 before enrolling in this class.

BADM 321. Marketing. 3 Hours.

Acquaints students with the principles, concepts and perspectives underlying marketing functions, including the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products, services, and ideas, and the role of marketing in society. Prerequisite: Restricted to students with sophomore status.

BADM 324. Integrated Marketing Communications. 3 Hours.

Acquaints students with the role of integrated marketing communications concepts and practices in enhancing the equity of brands, and provides thorough coverage of all aspects of an IMC program: advertising, promotions, packaging, and branding strategies, point of purchase communications, marketing oriented public relations, and event and cause oriented sponsorships. Prerequisite: BADM 321.

BADM 340. Corporate Entrepreneurship. 3 Hours.

The course focus is on creating work environments for entrepreneurial thinking and skills to recognize, assess and exploit market opportunities for a company. This course allows students to examine the unique nature of corporate entrepreneurship and the application of entrepreneurial concepts and behaviors within an established company. Students explore entrepreneurial imperatives businesses need to become more innovative to acquire a sustainable competitive advantage. Students examine the role that leaders and managers play in initiating and implementing entrepreneurial activities such as new product launches and managing innovation within a business. Prerequisite: BADM 101.

BADM 406. Professional Business Ethics. 3 Hours.

Studies of ethical issues faced by businesses including distributive justice, capitalism, decision-making, corporate responsibility, corporate morality, governance, whistle-blowing, hiring policies, codes of ethics, advertising, safety, pollution, and foreign business practices. Prerequisites: BADM 301 and senior status.

BADM 416. Operations Management. 3 Hours.

Introduces the concepts, issues, and problems of operations management and the management of the production function. Problems are analyzed and solutions are recommended. Microcomputer applications are addressed. Prerequisite: Student must complete BOTE 247, ECON 201, MATH 210, and BADM 301 before enrolling in this course.

BADM 421. Applied Business Research. 3 Hours.

Explores the full range of activities involved in the marketing research process for business including research and measurement concept, sampling and field work, and data analysis and presentation. Prerequisites: BADM 321, MATH 210.

BADM 422. Consumer Behavior. 3 Hours.

Studies the consumer decision-making process in the purchase of goods and services. Emphasis is placed on developing and understanding the determinants of consumer behavior and the appropriate application of marketing strategies. Prerequisite: BADM 321 or permission of instructor.

BADM 424. Logistics & Channel Management. 3 Hours.

Explores channels of distribution considering behavioral, social, and economic aspects of the distribution system to include transportation, inventory management, order processing, purchasing, warehousing, material handling, packaging, customer service, and product scheduling. Prerequisite: BADM 321.

BADM 427. International Marketing. 3 Hours.

Introduces the essentials of conducting international marketing operations to include estimating market potential, developing entry strategies, and managing and controlling marketing programs. Prerequisite: BADM 321.

BADM 436. Organizational Behavior Principles and Practices. 3 Hours.

Includes the principles, concept, and processes that interpret human relations in management at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Prerequisite: BADM 303.

BADM 437. International Culture & Management. 3 Hours.

Examines the impact of culture on business practices and introduces the student to the management process in an international setting. Includes an examination of comparative systems and environmental conditions and their impact on management decisions. Prerequisite: Student must complete BADM 307 before enrolling in this class.

BADM 462. International Business Strategy. 3 Hours.

Provides an international business capstone experience. Case studies illustrating international business decisions and operations are emphasized. Prerequisite: BADM 427 and BADM 437. Pre-corequisite: FIN 457.

BADM 465. Strategic Management. 3 Hours.

Strategic management is an analysis of the objectives of business firms and the development and evaluation of strategies and policies designed to meet these objectives. Cases are emphasized. Prerequisite: Student must complete BADM 301, 321, and FIN 353 before enrolling in this class.

BADM 470. Projects in Entrepreneurship. 3 Hours.

Provides application of the skills acquired in previous entrepreneurship and College of Business courses through experiential coursework. Students will complete individual research culminating in a final portfolio project. The project will allow the opportunity to integrate the tools learned in the program to develop and detail their business venture. Prerequisites: Students must complete BADM 101 and BADM 304 prior to enrolling in this course.

BADM 488. Marketing Strategy. 3 Hours.

Management of marketing organizations and integration of functions, with emphasis on planning and designing strategies and applying tools and techniques for problem solving and decision making. Prerequisites: Student must complete BADM 321 and 421 before enrolling in this class.

BADM 489. Entrepreneurship and New Venture. 3 Hours.

This course focuses on entrepreneurship, new venture creation, and the completion of a business plan. The business plan applies principles, concepts, and a framework to real world situations. Prerequisites: Students must complete BADM 321, 304, FIN 353 and ACCT 321 before enrolling in this class.

BADM 495. Seminars in Leadership Develop. 3 Hours.

Special topics in leadership including concepts, principles, and processes to facilitate effective, compassionate, and ethical leadership within the leader/follower relationship. The course will the relevance of self-awareness, self-management, environmental situations, social awareness and responsibility, and relationship management in authentic leadership. Prerequisites: This course is restricted to College of Business majors and minors and students with junior or senior status. Instructor consent is required.

BADM 496. Study Abroad. 3 Hours.

MSU faculty-led trips to appropriate locations. Will include additional requirements beyond travel itself. May be repeated for credit for different countries.

BADM 497. Internship. 2-9 Hour.

A cooperative occupational course relevant to your BADM degree program. Maximum of 3 credits will count toward major. Prerequisite: Restricted to students who are International Business, Management, or Marketing majors.

BADM 499. Special Topics in Business Administration. 1-8 Hour.

Topics are variable. Offerings include visiting professors, experimental offerings of new courses, or one time offerings of current topics.


Department Chair

Dr. Lorraine J. Willoughby, PhD

Business Administration Faculty

Ms. Tawnya Bernsdorf, MSM

Dr. Andy Bertsch, DBA, APDMC

Dr. Megan Fixen, DBA
Assistant Professor

Ms. Jeanne MacDonald, IMBA, MBA, SPHR

Dr. Tracey Mays, D.M.
Assistant Professor

Dr. James Ondracek, PhD

Dr. Gary Ross, PhD, SPHR, GBHR