2017-18 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Certificate of Entrepreneurship

The Certificate of Entrepreneurship is a series of highly interactive classes designed to instill entrepreneurial thinking in students. The certificate will provide students with the knowledge of the entrepreneurial process and how to start, finance, plan and launch a business. The certificate combines business and entrepreneurial courses to develop an understanding of how to recognize business opportunities; attract, valuate and manage resources; and transform business opportunities into value. The certificate program culminates with an experiential application of the skills acquired in the courses. Graduates will produce a business website, a well-developed business pitch and a full business plan and portfolio.

BADM 101Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
BIT 235Introduction to Web Site Design3
BADM 301Fundamentals of Management3
BADM 304Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management3
BADM 321Marketing3
BADM 470Projects In Entrepreneurship3
Total Hours18