Composite Science Education

Bachelor of Science in Education with a Major in Composite Science Education

Composite Science Education Majors must take all core courses and major in either biology, chemistry, or earth science
General Education
Composite Science Education majors are required to take the following courses which may be used to help satisfy General Education requirements:
MATH 103College Algebra4
or MATH 107 Precalculus
MATH 105College Trigonometry4
or MATH 165 Calculus I
PHYS 211College Physics I4
or PHYS 251 University Physics I
PHYS 110Astronomy4
GEOG 330Geography of Weather and Climate3
or SCI 110 Introduction to Meteorology
MATH 210Elementary Statistics4
or BIOL 240 Biometry
or DATA 211 Applied Statistics and Data Visualization
Required Core Science Courses
BIOL 150General Biology I4
BIOL 151General Biology II4
BIOL 215Genetics4
BIOL 301Evolution3
CHEM 121General Chemistry I (& Chem 121L)5
CHEM 122General Chemistry II (& Chem 122L)5
CHEM 230Quantitative Analysis5
GEOL 105Physical Geology with Lab4
GEOL 106Historical Geology with Lab4
GEOL 307Mineralogy4
Biology Focus
3 Additional 200+ Biology Electives, not including BIOL 2409-12
Chemistry Focus
CHEM 240Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry5
or CHEM 341 Organic Chemistry I
4+ credits of Chemistry Electives CHEM 342 or above4-5
Earth Science Focus
GEOL 322Geomorphology4
GEOL 361Structural Geology4
GEOL 471Sedimentation and Stratigraphy4
Research Track Courses
BIOL 492Directed Research ((Taken over 2 or more semesters))1-5
SCI 240Research Methods2
SCI 480Seminar3
Non-Research Track
Two additional 300+ courses within major6-8
Professional Education Sequence (admission to teacher education not required)
ED 260Educational Psychology2
ED 260LClinical I0
ED 282Managing the Learning Environment2
ED 282LClinical II0.5
ED 284Teaching Diverse Learners2
ED 284LClinical III0.5
ED 320Curriculum, Planning, and Assessment I2
ED 321LClinical IV0.5
ED 323LClinical V0.5
ED 324LFall Experience0
ED 380Technology in Teaching2
SPED 110Introduction to Exceptional Children3
SS 283Diversity in America3
Select one of the following:3
Child and Adolescent Psychology
Adolescent Psychology
Professional Education Sequence (admission to teacher education required)
ED 322Data Driven Integrated Instruction 12
ED 483Student Teaching Seminar: Secondary 12
or ED 482 Student Teaching Seminar: Elementary
or ED 484 Student Teaching Seminar: K12
Department Specific Courses (admission to teacher education required)
SCI 391Teaching Science in Secondary Schools 13
ED 493Student Teaching, Secondary 110
Total Hours145-155

Requires admittance to Teacher Education. Refer to Teacher Education Policies and Procedures.