Cybersecurity and Operations

Bachelor of Science with a Major in Cybersecurity and Operations

General Education38
Required Cybersecurity Operations Core (72 cr.)
CSCI 160Computer Science I4
CSCI 161Computer Science II4
CSCI 221Web Application Development and Security4
CSCI 240Assembly Language Programming4
CSCI 242Algorithms and Data Structures I4
CSCI 258Software Security and Design4
CSCI 260UNIX and Linux Systems4
CSCI 276Industrial Hardware Design and Security4
CSCI 324Reverse Engineering4
CSCI 331Technology and Society4
CSCI 340Networking4
CSCI 390Ethical Hacking4
CSCI 410Defensive Network Security4
CSCI 420Mobile and Wireless Security4
CSCI 425Applied Cryptography4
CSCI 432Malware Analysis4
CSCI 450Operating Systems4
CSCI 460Capstone Project (Security Related)4
Required Support Math Courses (11-12 cr.)
MATH 146Applied Calculus3-4
or MATH 165 Calculus I
MATH 208Discrete Mathematics I4
MATH 210Elementary Statistics4
or DATA 211 Applied Statistics and Data Visualization
Total Hours121-122

Cybersecurity and Operations Minor

Required Core (16 cr.)
CSCI 160Computer Science I4
CSCI 161Computer Science II4
CSCI 242Algorithms and Data Structures I4
CSCI 340Networking4
CSCI 390Ethical Hacking4
Select one of the following options:
Option 1
Assembly Language Programming
Reverse Engineering
Malware Analysis
Option 2
Web Application Development and Security
UNIX and Linux Systems
Defensive Network Security
Option 3
Software Security and Design
Mobile and Wireless Security
Applied Cryptography
Total Hours32