Veterans Educational Benefits

The Minot State University Veteran Center serves as a guide for active duty, transitioning active duty, National Guard, Reserves, veterans, dependents and spouses into the university education system. The Center's office strives to ensure VA educational benefited individuals who are able to put their earned benefits to use in a quality education here at Minot State University, while providing referrals to academic and financial assistance as well as to physical and mental health well being. They provide veterans and their families’ answers to the questions about their educational benefits regarding VA policies and procedures while outlining opportunities to put those benefits to work. To learn more about the benefits related to active duty, veterans, dependents and spouses, go to and click the appropriate link related to your service.

Students who wish to be certified to use VA educational benefits at Minot State University  must complete a worksheet at the beginning of each term. The worksheet is available on line at

Student veterans and dependents using VA benefits should have submitted an application for benefits and have their Certificate of Eligibility and supporting documentation. Transfer students must complete a request for change of place of training (DD 22-1995) prior to the beginning of their first term at MSU.

Benefit recipients wishing to receive advance payment should contact the veterans center at least 45 days in advance of the term for which they plan to register, as a separate form is required for advance payment. 

Graduate students are also required to submit a degree plan to the school certifying official before their enrollment can be certified to the VA.

Students should contact the VA certifying official with questions about full-time status. Training time is determined from the start of the term, to its end. Generally speaking, in order to be considered full-time, benefit recipients must be enrolled in at least 12 credits (fall or spring), 6 credits per 8 week term (summer). Exceptions to this guideline occur when a student is enrolled in courses during a non-standard term that meet for less than the regular 16 or 8 week semester. Your instructor will be contacted if you receive a falling grade.

It is important to remember that the VA pays you for class attendance and you will be charged back for any and all course work not completed or dropped after the last day to drop for that term. The VA will not pay for audited courses. The VA will only pay for repeated courses if you are repeating a class that requires a higher grade for your program. Chapter 30, 1606 and 1607 recipients must verify their enrollment monthly (online Via W.A.V.E.) or by phone at 888-442-4551.

All student veterans and dependents receiving subsistence allowances under the Montgomery GI Bill or Survivors’ and Dependents’ Education Assistance program are required by law to report promptly to the Minot State University Veteran Center any changes in their enrollment which may affect the amount of money they receive. Failure to notify the Veteran Center of changes to your schedule may result in an overpayment of benefits which the recipient will be responsible to pay back to the VA.

More detailed information on the VA educational benefits is located on the Veteran Center website,, or the GI Bill website or by calling 888-442-4551.