2016-17 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Research involving human subjects must have IRB approval prior to implementation. A student should seek IRB approval after gaining the committee’s approval of his/her research proposal. When approval is obtained and prior to the beginning of the research, the Chair of the IRB will sign the research proposal form and send the original approval letter to the researcher. Visit http://www.minotstateu.edu/IRB/ for all Institutional Review Board guidelines, procedures, and forms.

Human Subjects Research in Minot Public

Researchers studying personnel or students in the Minot School District, must also complete an IRB research protocol contained in the document entitled, “Agreement Between Minot State University and the Minot Public School District Jointly Conducted Research.” The research protocol, which is part of the IRB material, must be approved by Minot State University’s Institutional Review Board and signed by the IRB chair and the Superintendent of the Minot School District prior to implementation of the research.