Enrollment in Graduate Courses by Non-Degree Students

Any individual holding a baccalaureate degree who does not wish to pursue a graduate degree, or who may not have met all requirements for admission, may be permitted to enroll in selected graduate courses when approved by the program’s admission authority. The individual need not apply for formal admission into the Graduate School. All students seeking non-degree status must complete the online admission application and select Non-Degree as the Major/Program.

To apply online, visit http://www.minotstateu.edu/graduate/future_students/apply_now.shtml.. The application and all supporting materials must be submitted to the Graduate School at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of any term. The application must be accompanied by a non-refundable, one-time application fee of $35, immunization records (see exemptions listed on Non-Degree Application), and an official transcript indicating the baccalaureate degree earned. Official transcripts for other graduate schools attended must also be submitted.

A student may apply up to twelve (12) semester hours of non-degree credit toward a graduate degree. Each department determines the number of non-degree hours and courses that are accepted toward the degree. Workshop courses are not accepted into graduate degree programs.

An undergraduate senior who has a cumulative grade point average of not less than 3.0 and is recommended by the appropriate chairperson may also enroll as a non-degree student in a graduate course. An undergraduate senior may enroll in up to nine (9) semester hours of graduate course work, pending approval of the departmental/divisional chairperson. Being allowed to take these courses does not mean that the student is admitted to graduate school. At the time of registration the student must indicate whether the course credits will be applied toward the fulfillment of requirements for an undergraduate degree or whether the credits may be later applied toward a graduate degree. Graduate credits earned may be applied to either the undergraduate or the graduate degree, but not to both degrees.

These requirements apply to all graduate courses regardless of delivery. Student status may only be changed at the beginning of a new term (i.e., non-degree to admitted). Students registered as non-degree are not eligible for Federal financial aid benefits, Graduate Teaching/Research Assistantships or Graduate School Tuition Awards.

Enrollment in Graduate Courses by Post-Degree Students

Post-Degree Courses

Students who have already earned a graduate degree from Minot State University and wish to continue taking graduate courses should complete a non-degree application or apply to another graduate degree program.