Leadership Studies


LEAD 101. Introduction to Leadership. 3 Hours.

LEAD 101 introduces students to basic components of personal leadership development, including the examination of leadership theories and styles, personal identity, diversity, communication, power, and ethics. Students will engage in self-reflective and experiential learning activities in order to make connections between course materials and real-world application.

LEAD 201. Collaborative Leadership. 3 Hours.

LEAD 201 focuses on leadership through the lens of team development and organizational structures. In particular, this course will emphasize the role of leadership in change processes, decision-making, and problem-solving with teams.

LEAD 301. Experiences in Leadership. 3 Hours.

LEAD 301 provides an opportunity for students to gain practical experience through a supervised leadership practicum. Students will work with their course instructor and field supervisor to develop a plan of study. Furthermore, students will also examine contemporary leadership topics through readings, speakers, and class discussions they can then apply to their practicum experiences. This experience culminates with a public presentation.