Individualized Studies


IDS 240. Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies. 2 Hours.

Introduction to the nature of interdisciplinary studies - drawing on disciplinary perspectives to construct a more comprehensive perspective to address questions, problems, or topics too broad or complex for a single discipline. The primary goal of the course is to help students develop a thoughtfully crafted Academic Plan of study for pursuit of a BIS degree.

IDS 360. Directed Project. 2-4 Hour.

Under the direction of their advisors, students complete an interdisciplinary projects that integrates their disciplines of study. The nature of the project varies with the student's goals and the disciplines being integrated (e.g., research project, service-learning project, creative work, etc.). May be repeated for credit up to a maximum of 4 credits. Prerequisite: approved Directed Project proposal and permission of IDS director, IDS 240, and permission of instructor.

IDS 470. General Studies Capstone. 1 Hour.

This capstone seminar provides Bachelor of General Studies students an opportunity to reflect on their degree experience and prepare for the future. Students will reflect on and synthesize their academic experiences and present them in a paper and presentation. Part of the course will focus on preparation for the future, including resume and cover letter preparation, interview skills, and professional communications related to individual career goals.

IDS 480. Senior Capstone. 2 Hours.

In this seminar course students present the results of their Directed Project. In most cases students will present their work in both a paper and an oral presentation, but other formats are possible depending on the nature of the Directed Project. Prerequisite: IDS 360.