2018-2019 Academic Catalogs

Film Studies

Coordinator: Jean-François Mondon

This is an interdisciplinary minor in which students focus on film from various perspectives.  Students learn to appreciate film as a unique art by studying its history, appreciating its cultural influences in time and place, critiquing its effects and styles, and understanding the creation of visual choices.

Required Courses:
ENGL 225Introduction to Film3
ENGL 334Film Directors3
ENGL 335Film Genres3
Select 2 of the Following: 6
Arabic Film
French Film
German Film
Hispanic Cinema
Select 2 of the Following: 6
Arabic Culture
Digital Photography
Digital Design:Motion
Rhetorical Theory
Introduction to Literary Criticism
Rhetoric of Everyday Life
Am Dialects in Lit and Media
Coming of Age Literature
Contemporary Culture of the French-Speaking World
German Culture
Contemporary Hispanic Culture
Total Hours21