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SCEĀ 394. Directed Research. 1-3 Hour.

Investigation of a particular local community and environmental issue using an interdisciplinary approach. Topic is set prior to the course based on student interests and community needs. This course consists of an individual research project that is designed by the student with the help of a faculty mentor. It provides a platform for students to be engaged in research that is perhaps more focused on their particular field of interest, but that addresses a problem or issue of broader interest and that incorporates an appropriate level of interdisciplinary treatment. The research may be conducted under the direction of a single faculty member. In some cases, however, the nature of the project may require more than one faculty mentor. The research project may be an outgrowth of a SCE 291 Topics and Projects in SCE course, which is typically itself an outgrowth of SCE 101 Introduction to SCE. 3 hours per week per credit hour. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Students must complete SCE 260 before enrolling in this course.