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HONĀ 451H. Honors Thesis/Project. 1-3 Hour.

The honors thesis/project is the Honors Program's capstone experience. It allows students to explore academic areas of their most passionate interests and engage in the process of discovery and scholarship under the direction of the Honors Director and faculty advisor. An honors thesis/poject can be written in any discipline and may take a variety of formats-from a traditional scholarly paper to a design portfolio; from a business plan to a performance; from a service project to a scientific research project - but always includes a written component, a public presentation, and a defense before a faculty committee. Students will work with the Honors Director to determine the appropriate number of credits needed to complete the requirements of the course. Prerequisites: Student must complete HON 450H and have instructor consent before enrolling.

Honors Program in Engagement & Scholarship (HOPES)


...GPA requirements and complete Honors Thesis/Project ( HON 451H ) with a grade of B or...