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ART 492. Capstone Experience. 2 Hours.

Provides for indivdual research culminating in a thesis project with guidance from a capstone committee. Prerequisite: ART 391 or consent of instructor. Co-requisite: ART 491 or consent of instructor. Student must be at junior or senior status before enrolling.

Communication Arts


To better prepare broadcast and print journalists who can think and write effectively; To prepare students for the field of education by keeping the Communication Arts student up-to-date with speech and theatre innovations; To give the B.A. student a comprehensive background in Speech, to better prepare him/her for graduate study; To give the B.A. student a comprehensive background in Theatre, to better prepare him/her for graduate study.



The objective of the art program is to develop creative, expressive and technically competent graduates who direct their time, energy, skills, and materials toward fulfilling these program outcomes. Within an aesthetic and historical context, students will form and articulate qualitative judgments and make critical decisions about their work and the work of others from the perspective of contemporary culture.