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Division of Humanities


...teaching: ART 390 Art Methods , COMM 390 Communication Arts Methods , ENGL 390 Secondary Language Arts...

Division of Music


...Performance Attendance Bachelor of Arts in Music Bachelor...in Secondary Education , MUSC 390 Band Methods in...

Foreign Language


...and Outcomes Bachelor of Arts with a Major...the language, plus LANG 390 Foreign Language Methods...

ART 390. Art Methods. 4 Hours.

Discussion and interactive experiences developing a K-12 art curriculum. Peer teaching and classroom management, organizational techniques, and practicum. Prerequisites: ART 122, 130, 140, 201 and admitted into teacher education.

COMM 390. Communication Arts Methods. 4 Hours.

Methods and materials for creative teaching of speaking, listening, and theatre and broadcast activities, in today's secondary school environment. Prerequisite: Adminttance to Teacher Eduation.

ENGL 390. Secondary Language Arts Methods. 4 Hours.

Theory and practice in teaching literature, composition, and language in the secondary school. Includes practicum. Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Education.