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General Education Requirements


...mathematics (4 cr.), the arts and humanities (6...required to take UNIV 110 First Year Seminar...



...Program Outcomes Bachelor of Arts with a Major...may not include PHYS 110 Astronomy ) 2 Requires...

Communication Arts


To better prepare broadcast and print journalists who can think and write effectively; To prepare students for the field of education by keeping the Communication Arts student up-to-date with speech and theatre innovations; To give the B.A. student a comprehensive background in Speech, to better prepare him/her for graduate study; To give the B.A. student a comprehensive background in Theatre, to better prepare him/her for graduate study.

ART 110. Introduction to Visual Arts. 3 Hours.

Study and appreciation of visual arts. Three hour lecture.

THEA 110. Introduction to Theatre Arts. 3 Hours.

Basic introduction to the theory and principles of theatrical presentation including dramatic literature, acting, stagecraft and dramatic analysis, with emphasis on practical application.