2016-17 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs

Master of Music Education

Required Courses18
Research in Music Education
Designing and Interpreting Education Research/Quantitative
and Designing & Interpreting Ed Research/Qualitative
Musical Style and Performance
Graduate Music Theory
Critical Issues in Music Educ.
Curr Dev for the Music Clsm
Music Education Seminars
Choose one (1) of the following courses3
Advanced Music Methods Training
Graduate Conducting
Choose one (1) of the following final projects4
Capstone Project
Choose two (2) semester hours from the following Approved elective credits are repeatable2
Independent Study
Private Conducting
Private Lessons-Percussion
Private Lessons-Piano
Private Lessons-Voice
Private Lessons-Strings
Private Lessons-Brass
Private Lessons-Woodwinds
Choose three (3) semester hours from the following Other electives can substitute with program director approval3
Graduate Music Seminar
Statistics I
Total Hours30